HR   and   Strategic Conversation

About Deltapoint Consulting

ABN: 42 363 438 353

Operating from Brisbane (Australia) we offer our services in HR, Climate, Culture, Communication Skills, Strategic Conversation to English-speaking organisations in any part of the world.:

We help organisations develop the skills

and create the environment to improve, simultaneously,

organisational performance

and quality of work-life for its members.

Our approach is to help organisations develop the skills and knowledge to initiate and implement desired strategic changes.  We provide these services in person, by phone, and by video conference to enable us to provide economical assistance and development training

 We can help you:

  • by designing and facilitating a program for your situation.
  • by designing a program that you will facilitate.
  • by providing a service
  • by functioning as a coach:
    • to members the organisation wishes to especially develop
    • to members as a reward for outstanding performance
    • to people who wish to develop themselves
    • to troubled members (in person and/or by phone)
  • by performing assessments at individual or personal level