HR   and   Strategic Conversation

Coaching in HR

At last!  Senior Executives are starting to see the value in people strategies.  In a changing world, employees’ skills, knowledge and ability to innovate are the difference between growth and stagnation.

However, the human resource management skills required to develop and support those people strategies can also be in short supply.  Perhaps you have no or few HR staff to support you?  Perhaps you are still amassing experience in parts of your portfolio?  Perhaps you are studying and increasing your qualifications and consequently both pushed for time and interested in learning different approaches?

Could you use an HR Coach?

HR Projects

Significant projects such as:

  • setting up an implementing a performance management program
  • reviewing and designing position descriptions for current or new units
  • developing and sourcing workplace training programs
  • reviewing and designing policies and procedures
  • developing people strategies to align with the organisation’s strategic direction.

all take huge amounts of your time. 

I can assist by providing YOU with support, research, drafts, frameworks, plans, examples, ideas, source documents, current best practice exemplars, discussion and debate.

HR tactics

Making presentations to senior executives on people issues is never easy.  You know you need to make a ‘business case’, but sometimes it can be hard to get the right attention.

I can assist by providing YOU with assistance in the all-important skill of ‘managing upwards’.  Managing upwards is the practice of optimally communicating information, making appropriate decisions, and effectively escalating issues.

Together, we can work out the tactics that will work for you in ‘selling’ the key issues to your manager or executive team.  Tactics that work to engage them in the work of the HR team to support the people strategies – and work for you in ‘selling’ yourself.    Executives often, unfortunately, only notice when something is wrong.  It’s important to help your executives notice when you and your team are being effective.