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Job Descriptions

A job description, otherwise known as ‘Position Description’ and referred to as a ‘PD’, is a clear description of each job in an organisation, and as such is the key building block for organisational effectiveness.  Job descriptions need to change as the organisation adapts to the changing world.  The job description tells each person their responsibilities.

Why have position descriptions? 

A good position description provides the basis for advertising and filling positions.  A good PD ensures certainty for the position holder about the purpose of the position, the role in the unit or department, the job tasks and reporting relationships.  A good PD is the foundation for performance management in stating clearly the expectations and standards required. 

How can I help? 

Many organisations experience difficulty in forming or standardising their position descriptions.  I can assist in the consultations you would undertake to establish the framework you can use for new and standard position descriptions.  From my experience in job analysis, I can work with you and with your nominees to draft position descriptions for new or changing jobs. 

What do you get? 

At each step I provide drafts of the position descriptions for you to review and adjust to your organisation’s culture, existing policies and future needs.  In the final stage they are your position descriptions, built to fit with your organisation’s Strategic Plan.

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