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    Performance Management

    I’d better admit at the beginning – it really is not possible to manage performance.

    What you can do is work effectively with people to enable them to enhance their own

    performance - and give them the information that will help them to align that performance with team / department / faculty / organisation goals.

    I can assist you in this area to review your current processes, help you evaluate what you need to do to improve, help you to develop or adapt your chosen system and also design workshops for your managers to help them implement it. 

    There are many reasons why organisations want to develop and maintain performance appraisal / performance reward / performance development systems.

    • Controlling work effort
    • Directing performance to specific outputs (or outcomes)
    • Changing behaviour
    • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
    • Setting up a system to allow separation for staff who don’t perform
    • Providing a framework for development – organisational and individual


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