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HR Policy Development

We can help you with Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Why have HR Policies?

HR Policies underpin and support all aspects of the employment of staff, from their induction, through pay and performance to severance.  HR Policies also reflect the culture of the organisation and lay the foundations for effective workplaces.  Sure, you have the basics, but in contemporary organisations, there are many more you probably have in mind – for when you get the time.

How can I help? 

You may be thinking about critical policies such as dealing with bullying and harassment and managing diminished performance.  My experience working with many organisations can shorten the research phase by providing examples and ideas.  I can do the checking with Fair Work Australia information and advice.  I can provide drafts for review and consultation and facilitate discussions.    You may be thinking about developing guidelines for your line managers about key tasks such as performance management and negotiating flexible working arrangements.  I can assist with sample guidelines for you to test out with supervisors, team leaders and line managers.  There are many ways in which we can work together that could suit you.

What do you get? 

At each step I provide drafts for you to review and adjust to your organisation’s culture, existing policies and future needs.  The end product is your Policy, built to fit with your organisation’s Strategic Plan.