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What is succession planning?

It is Workforce Planning for specific:

  • Individuals (career)
  • Skills, Knowledge, Abilities (talent)
  • Positions (succession)

Closely linked to ‘Talent Management

In the ‘talent wars’ of the early part of the 21st century, this was a hot topic and the focus was on identifying and retaining ‘stars’.  Most organisations now think of growing a ‘talent pool’ – developing and keeping the ‘good ones’.

I can help with the six steps of succession planning:

  • Assess your talent ‘pool’
  • Develop a people plan of your team / division / organisation
  • Analyse critical roles / work organisation
  • Do a risk assessment on critical positions
  • Develop a Succession Action Plan
  • Devise and Act on ways to develop people for identified positions

Together, we can workshop issues in managing future demands in your organisation and handling transitions in teams and look at ideas and options for developing team members.  No-one can ‘future-proof’ their organisation, but you can anticipate and develop strategies to ensure some continuity towards achieving goals.

Together, we can develop tactics for succession planning, talent management and knowledge retention for your teams / work units.  We can design tools to help managers and supervisors to design and develop succession plans which will deliver continuity and opportunities for innovation to contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation.

Tools we can design may include:

  • Assessment chart for key roles
  • Individual Assessment Framework
  • Team People Plan
  • Succession Action Plan incorporating Risk Assessment