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Could you use HR consulting services?

As a small to medium business owner or manager perhaps you can’t afford to have a dedicated human resource manager but you find that managing people issues takes up a great deal of your time, meaning that you are working IN your business to the exclusion of working ON your business in terms of strategic and operational planning.  If there was someone else – an independent consultant – who could resolve some of the interpersonal issues, design HR policies so that everyone is on the same page, help out with recruitment and selection, and perhaps coach supervisors in managing staff – would that be helpful?

Similarly, as a busy HR Manager who oversees all people management functions do you find yourself bogged down with everyday issues with no time to draft the policies and procedures you need as guidelines for managers and staff – no time to assist your managers and supervisors with recruitment issues – no time to review job descriptions or write new ones.  You also have to deal with suspicion (however unwarranted) about impartiality in cases of complaints and challenged decisions.  If there was an independent consultant who could take some of these tasks off your hands – would that be helpful?

How I work with organisations

It is YOUR organisation, or YOUR HR unit.  I’m here to help.  You provide the briefing on what you want and I deliver a proposal on what I can do to assist.  Either we agree on deliverables for an agreed price, or we develop a contract of services on an agreed hourly rate.  Any policies or procedures are drafted to a stage where you review and take over the consultation within the organisation and finalise to your satisfaction.  Any interventions in terms of interpersonal issues are treated with utmost confidentiality since I would be following the principles of dispute resolution as a trained mediator.  As a qualified trainer and workshop facilitator, any coaching or workshops would be discussed and cleared with you beforehand.

HR consultancy services include:

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