HR   and   Strategic Conversation

Assessment of Strategic Planning

This is available in two forms - assessment of the process of planning, and assessment of evidence of planning according to behavioural indicators of the rest of the organisation.  In other words - is ‘planning’ happening, and is planning ‘happening’.  The two forms are independently valuable, and complement each other.

Assessing the Strategic Planning process

Assessment of planning is done by observation of the planning process and looks at everything from communication style to the strategic nature of the actual content of the conversations.  While we follow a systematic approach, this assessment is necessarily observational and therefore partially subjective.

Communication style is expected to draw the optimal contribution of ideas and expertise from each and every attendee at the planning process.  It is expected that the planning leader will facilitate the event and guide it through the necessary planning stages

  • Planning stages are expected to be clear - and followed
  • The topics of planning are expected to remain ‘strategic’, with clear identification of its strategic nature.
  • Strategic prioritisation of resource allocation is expected.
  • Review of suitability of organisational structure is expected
  • Review and development of ‘capabilities plan’ - specifically looking for ‘strategic capabilities development’
  • Review and development of ‘workforce plan’ - specifically looking for ‘strategic workforce development’

Assessing Strategic Planning implementation

Assessment of planning is done by measurement of the evidence of the planning process and looks at behavioural indicators in the organisation - as reported by members of the organisation.   This is an objective process and uses a survey to ask as many members as possible about specific aspects of their activities.  In looking for evidence of activities in each part of the ‘strategic loop’, it also looks for evidence that the activities are sequential (make sense).

Because it is objective, this assessment can be conducted periodically to assess improvements in the implementation of strategic planning.  Indeed, a successful strategic plan will have taken steps to ensure that the plan is implemented, followed, and assessable.  Organisational learning relating to each part of the strategic process must be part of the plan.